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ARE YOU FACING life threatening illness or issues with depression or anger and need healing?


I invite you to go on a LIFE WALK

• Lets consider what Jesus said, before we read on. "with GOD, all things are possible"

There were MANY who were healed because they sought out Jesus, on purpose with a purposeand JESUS would often tell them - YOUR FAITH HAS MADE YOU WHOLE

Some were healed by touching JESUS without HIM knowing, some came to HIM to heal others who weren’t even in HIS PRESENCE. Which means to me, IF we truly want HEALING and new beginnings, we must desire it with FAITH and action, more than sitting still in fear.


 Here’s My Story: 

In early 2009, I was diagnosed with Bladder Cancer. The Doctors told me and my daughter, it was the worse case of Bladder Cancer they had ever seen and I'd die in 3-5 years. They said if I wanted to live another 10-15 yrs, I needed to take out my bladder and put it on the outside of my body thereby changing my life forevermore. I didn’t want that so I decided to create a Life Walk to 'Pray and Fast' seeking Divine Healing like they did 2000 years ago.

My first Life Walk was on Negril’s 7 Mile Beach. (Jamaica)- Nov. 2010. I was led by The Holy Spirit to walk -one mile- per year of my life. I was 59 at the time, so I walked 59 miles up and down the 7 Mile Beach, reflecting over my life while walking and confronting or embracing whatever came to my mind.

I reflected on how I was raised, what I was taught, and who affected me most. This included my family, friends, teachers, mentors and the books I read. The first 10 miles, I thought about my life from ages 1-10, the next 10 miles, ages 10-20 etc. When I finished the walk 59 miles later, I had re-thought EVERYTHING in my life.

Then I decided to walk another 41 miles so I could truthfully say- I walked 100 miles with THE MASTER. Here's an important truth to keep in mind while rebuilding our lives, when faced with a challenge remember ALL things are possible with GOD, all the time, wherever we live and wherever we are - 

When done, I walked in the ocean and experienced a Baptism that still moves me to this today. Afterwards, I had a PEACE inChrist, I never experienced before and its never left. 

As I reflected over my life, there were many moments of great excitement and some with deep regrets. I gave thanks to God for the times He was there carrying me and I truly REPENTED the things I recognized in my life that were un-repented sins. And during this walk, I also practiced the biblical diet mentioned in Genesis, with fruits, vegetables, herbs, grains, adding fresh fish and red-wine. I also stayed in constant prayer, always keeping my mind on the words from JesusWith GOD, all things are possible 

In 2011, I was released cancer free and returned to composing my book, What Did Jesus Say. In late 2012, the book was finished and printed when I had to have emergency throat surgery. Now that experience alone almost killed me. It altered my smile and my ability to properly talk for almost 3yrs. I decided again to return to Negril for another Life Walk to 'reorganize' my thoughts and 'restore' my speaking ability and 'readjust my smile'. 

The pictures below reveal only a little of my difficulty, but no pictures can reveal the inner sadness, madness, depression, and abandonment I had to endure, just to restore my life. 

I mean it, when I say, I understand, depression, madness, sadness and abandonment, I also understand Gods Grace and DIVINE HEALING so I teach what GOD taught me. 

Here's my last hospital visit in 2009 (Bladder Cancer ) - and- 2012 Throat Surgery

TODAY I'm 100% alive, by the grace of God and here's my insights in a video message entitled: Why do some Christians receive divine healing, while other do not? 



Are you ready for a life changing experience?

Are you tired of living in fears, insecurities, and worries?

Are you ready to walk and talk with God and reconcile ALL THINGS?

IF YOU'RE READY to WALK, I'm ready to walk with you.

IF YOU walk with me, you’ll leave knowing you’ve weeded your mind and planted Divine Seeds for health, happiness and love forevermore. You’ll also read the New Testament and know what JESUS said and how to walk with HIM forevermore.

This Life Walk will leave you with a desire to live and or die, with dignity, faith and love, knowing you’ll be in Heaven, because you walked with HIM on earth. 

You can begin as soon as you’re ready to live and begin again,


To reconcile ALL THINGS with God, thru Jesus Christ. We’re ALL going to die, but not  ALL of us live, knowing the Lord, and walking in HIS PEACEWhen done, you’ll return refreshed, knowing true peace inChrist. Whatever the outcome, you’ll be free in TRUTH, ready for whatever happens next. You’ll feel - BORN ANEW.   

REMEMBER, many believe in miracles for others more than they believe in miracles for themselves. If you're ready to examine yourself and fellowship with someone who can relate and even identify with your struggles, then this Life Walk is for you.

Don't let FEAR interfere, with you anymore. Take the time to RENEW YOUR MIND,
based on the words from Jesus, with GOD all things are possible, all the time. 

Until then, May God Bless you and give you the courage to begin again!

In HIS LOVE, I serve

Who is Rev. Terry A. Christian?

He’s a former Inspirational Speaker and Executive Trainer with over 20 years experience giving more than 2,500 presentations to audiences across America and Canada. 

Several years ago, Terry retired as a public speaker after feeling the Holy Spirit redirecting his life. While in prayer, he was told to create a book containing only the words of Jesus. A book that would teach Believers, without interpretations, opinions or commentary. It would take him 12 years to complete the book, What Did Jesus Say .... The Seven Messages from the Master and its now available in Paperback, eBook, Kindle and AudioBook.

Today, he counsels individuals and couples seeking a more mature understanding of their relationship with Jesus Christ. His life is now dedicated to helping his brothers and sisters inChrist, live in a never-ending state of peace, love, and forgiveness, as followers of Jesus Christ. 

Rev. Terry Christian believes after repentance and Baptism, this was the message Jesus taught; and teaching The Way, by The Word is the cornerstone of his ministry.

Here's his Conclusion in Christ Message 

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